About School

In memory of Jayashree Shrikrishna Taware. Born on is January in the years 1963 at Dhamangaon town Ashti, district Beed.

At the age of 20 she successfully completed her nursing course and started her service in Khilad, Ashti town, she began her journey towards her interested field at very tender age and emerged her own identity in the society. She worked prominently in town Ashti, Kaij and Parali taluka in Beed district.

She continued her service without any social barriers i.e. discrimination on the basis of caste and creed. However she worked eminently for poor and needy section of the society.

She also worked at the village level different areas of people and their health issues, she devoted herself completely in the service of people.

“Jantechi Seva Hich Ishvrachi Seva”

She contributed her life in the service of people. She ended her life journey unfortunately by catch of disease, in the year 2011 on 8th April in Pune.

Mrs. Jayashree devoted her life towards helping weaker sections of her society, with regards to her contribution and inspiration we established ‘Jayashree school’ in the year 2012.

The motive of the school is to provide quality education for all those children with broken and poor backgrounds. It is an honest responsibility taken by Jayashree school to the fulfilment of the lower classes.

Staffing Team

The staff is extremely warm and friendly and each member of the team has something different to offer your ward. This board variety is highly valued as each member of staff brings a new dimension of learning curve for your child. To ensure professionalism, the permanent staff is qualified through NTT in childcare and education, or is working towards this aim and continue to undertake training throughout their nursery career. Some staff have been with playgroup for several years

Curriculum Policy

The six years of learning help the practitioner to plan the learning, environment alongside experience and activities, which provide a framework for children’s learning. However this does not mean the child’s learning is compartmentalized. One exiting activity will produce opportunities for learning to take play across a number of areas of learning. Well-planned, purposeful activities will successfully engaged children in learning opportunities. Play is an essential part of the early year’s environment. Well planned play is key way in which children learn with environment. Through play, children learn to feel secured and safe, explore practice and make sense of their world, build up new concepts and skills. They also learn how to work with each other, take risks and avoid mistakes. They learn to work creatively using their imagination. Along with this, we train them to investigate, experiment and solve problems. In this way they learn to understand their own needs and those of others, communicate with others. Express their fears, anxieties and excitement.